Life today is heavily dependent on the use of technology, from waking up to falling asleep, technology now acts as a real-life assistant to make our life a bit more comfortable than before. The inception of technology has seen multiple responses from the people, like our elders refusing to switch to modern gadgets to social disconnect in society due to extreme use. Nonetheless, it is now an integral part of our lives, such that living without technology seems unimaginable.

What seems imaginable is the possibilities that it holds to reach one step ahead to what we already have or even more. The constant struggle to be able to have it all on the tip of our fingers, reach the skies and still grasp for more. Isn’t that what we expect from the future? The glorious visions we had came to life, from the strenuous task of collecting wood to make a fire to induction heaters, we expect more and better from what’s to come.

People spend a considerable amount of time every day with technology that helps them understand what is going on. Today screens are dominating the lives of the people, making information easy to comprehend. With the enormous pile of information that we have at our disposal, it is crucial to simplify it so that it becomes more accessible. Hence it is no longer an uncommon sight to see people walking with their heads in the phone. Gamers glued to PC screens, and even children glued to Tablets.

Optical technology has come a long way in terms of presenting data and information efficiently, whether it’s entertainment or business alike. It is one of the basic senses in humans that need to be satisfied. Therefore there are industries primarily focused just on the visual representations. VR technology focuses on this aspect to transform the environment around with what we are feeling. What we see around us, the shapes, colour and volume are what forms our reality.

We live in an era of advanced technology where the use of technology influences even the most straightforward task, like getting up in the morning. Waking up to the Alarm, booking the ride from our phones, using GPS navigation that the driver uses, the investments we make online, the aircraft pilots fly, all thanks to the advancement in technology, without which we can not even fathom the functioning of our lives.


Communication, education and learning are significant achievements in the technological revolution. A child today from any part of the world could learn basically about anything which seemed like a dream just 50 years ago. Stephan Hawking wrote best selling books with the aid of technology. An average person can earn without leaving the comfort of home. And it provides you with time, time that gets lost in mundane tasks, for achieving and imagining more.

Technology has come a long way and has impacted us in a huge way. Although we hold the command of the gadgets in today’s world, it seems like we depend upon each other.

Whether we understand the issues when it comes to technology or not, it has now become a medium that is impossible to ignore. Even to make people understand or to connect with the same voices and opinion towards technology, online platforms are the most convenient way. No matter how much we romanticise the early ages, they were ill-equipped to deal with even the basics of things such as medicine or commuting. Nature sounds quite fun but staring at the grass becomes boring after a while, with the pace of information that we now receive through the internet is far more rewarding for the brain that our attention spans do not adhere to nature.

Never before in history have we seen the speed at which technology has influenced the human world. It has allowed numerous new ideas and perspectives to evolve, merge and become anew. It has given wheels to humans, and now walking feels like an effort.


Spending A Week in VR

The idea of submerging oneself into a different world has been there from the earliest stages of civilization in the form of tales, books and now movies and games etc. This concept is so alluring, to be able to live in any different environment or era. Virtual Reality allows you to do that, it may look awkward, wearing a box on your head, but ‘Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who can’t hear the Music’.

On February 20th 2019, a guy put on a VR headset for 168 hrs. He decided to put on the headset for a week while showering, to eat, sleeping, everything as an experiment to experience long term exposure to it and how it might affect him today and what possibilities it holds for the VR technology tomorrow.

Since the VR technology is directed towards audio-visual simulation, the sudden shift in the environment is unusual. VR is very similar to the technology we have right now but just one step ahead, it allows you to experience and create with more realism. Understanding concepts and building models for projects thanks to its versatile nature. However, we want it to. But like all technologies, it is utilized by humans, and the responsibility falls on us as well.