Whenever people start reading and learning about AR and VR, there is a alot of confusion as to what is the real difference and is it something that you should be aware of when purchasing a device. There are a lot of terminologies thrown around like AR, VR and even MR so here I’m going to clear up some ignorance some people might have.


Augmented reality


Virtual reality


mixed reality

What is AR ?

AR (Augmented Reality) also known as MR (Mixed Reality) generally uses a device camera such as smart phone to add digital elements into their real-world environment through live view. You’ve probably consumed this technology in Pokémon Go, Snapchat and Instagram etc. Simply put AR adds virtual things to your existing world.! Below are the pictures of Microsoft Holo Lens and Google Lens respectively.


What is vR ?

One the other hand, VR (Virtual Reality) is a fully immersive experience that takes the user to the computer generated ‘Virtual World’. A person can teleport visually anywhere they desire with the help of VR Devices that are designed to isolate the user by blocking Visual and Audio from the real world and providing them with a unique computer generated experience. 

The Differences

So there might be more similarities than difference. Both AR and VR are computer generated, in both technologies the user experiences some sort of altered reality and use of a headset or a device with certain capabilities is compulsory.
So, what are the main differences between AR and VR, as many people get confused. AR enhances the world around you, in some cases using the input data received through the camera and overlaying with digital objects and/or data. Whereas VR totally submerges you in the made-up world, by taking over your visual and hearing senses. In simple words VR replaces your vision and AR augments it.

AR shapes your world &
VR changes your world!


  • Microsoft Holo lens and Kopin Solos are dedicated AR devices.
  • AR can also be implemented without a camera such as in Smart Glasses.
  • HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PS VR are one of the most trending VR headsets.
  • There are many devices that are capable of AR/VR, like smartphones that can execute both AR and VR functions.

Augmented reality and Virtual reality achieve very different results in very different ways, in spite of the similar designs of the devices have. VR replaces reality, taking you in the digital world. AR adds to reality, overlaying material on top of what you’re already looking. They’re both upcoming and powerful technologies that have yet to make a dent in the marketplace, but soon the line will be blurred between AR and VR experience. In future Mixed Reality (MR) experience, which combines foundations of both AR and VR, where real-world and digital objects interact is just now starting to take off, and Microsoft HoloLens is one of the most notable MR device. As far as humans can see, AR VR MR has nearly limitless possibilities.